a clear path
to better products

a clear path
to better products

a clear path
to better products

Your product development team

Glassboard is a product development firm based in Indianapolis, IN. We exist to serve the world’s most ambitious companies in building products that people love to use. Our goal is simple: break down every barrier between our customer’s ambition and their solution. For years, we’ve helped clients and partners stay at the forefront of their industries by providing the innovation and engineering horsepower to get them where they need to be.


Our product designers take a human-centered design approach that puts the end-user first. By focusing on human needs, capabilities, and behaviors, we are able to solve problems at their core and develop products that people love to use.


In a world of sophisticated digital-physical products, our broad experience allows us to take a systems approach. Knowing that most product complexities occur across disciplines, we work together to develop holistic solutions.


Whether it is short-run manufacturing for stakeholder approval, or managing high-volume production lines and distribution, our team provides the experience and management to take your product through production and into the market.

Recently launched products

Karoo 2

Karoo 2 is a generational leap in bicycle computers, delivering an ever-evolving suite of ride-enhancing features in a best-in-class device designed for performance.

Moov Hoverboard

Backed by Mark Cuban, MOOV re-imagines the future of two-wheeled transport from the ground up. MOOV is a new generation of personal transportation engineered with premium mechanics that feature customized ride dynamics.


Pest control just got connected to the twenty-first century. SightTrap eliminates toxic chemicals and utilizes real-time photo tracking, trends analysis, and mobile apps to protect stored food, grain, museum collections, tobacco, timber, and fiber worldwide.

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