We are a group of researchers, designers, and engineers fueled by a deep curiousity about the world around us.

Who we are

Glassboard was founded to realize the creative ideas of our clients. We saw an opportunity to modernize product development by taking a more transparent approach and bringing our clients closer to the process. We carefully grew our team of top designers and engineers across a multitude of disciplines, placing an emphasis not only on the technical skills of our team, but on clear communication, and creative insights. Our goal is to seek out meaningful client connections and create partnerships that result in standout product innovations. This is transparent product development. This is Glassboard.


We enable people to build meaningful products. As an instrument in the toolkit of modern companies, Glassboard allows teams to add an arm of experts to their group. We free up our customer’s resources by proving they can trust us to deliver the engineering horsepower to get them where they need to be.


We aim to eliminate every barrier between our customer’s ambition and their solution. We believe clear communication is the best tool for streamlining product development. That means less go-betweens and more designers and engineers collaborating with you, every step of the way.


We are observers, researchers, designers, and engineers who believe inventiveness relies not simply on solving problems, but carefully identifying the right problems to solve. Our team of creatives dig deep and develop standout solutions that make connections with users.

Our Founders

Randy Parmerlee
Randy Parmerlee Chief Executive Officer
Grant Chapman
Grant Chapman VP of Operations
Drew Westrick
Drew Westrick VP of Technology