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Where our skills shine

At Glassboard we are laser focused on hardware product development. Here are a few areas we do great work.


Co - Innovation

Many non-technical companies come across roadblocks and problems every day in their business which could be alleviated by a technical or hardware based solution. What happens when there isn’t a turnkey solution on the market?

Glassboard is here to help. Stay focused on your core business and give Glassboard the freedom to create, develop, and deliver the results you need. Whether you are a healthcare company creating new products, a sports facility rolling out new services, or a manufacturer looking to deliver new processes our team is up to the challenge.

Use the Glassboard team to implement a technology based solution and stay focused on what creates value for your company. Think of us as an on-demand innovation and engineering team for your company. Spool us up when you need us, and spool us down when you don’t.

design custom PCB electronics product development hardware

Electric Mobility & Traction

From ground-up eBike development to high performance electric race vehicles, our team has a passion for electric vehicles. We’ve engineered bespoke battery packs, custom motor controllers, and patent pending torque sensing technology. If your product has wheels we will make sure it gets to where it’s going.

Battery Cell Selection

The Glassboard team has experience with numerical modeling, as well as selecting and testing lithium batteries in all shapes, sizes, and chemistries. We’ve worked with everything from 18650s to large format automotive cells.

Battery Management Systems

Once the right cell is selected, our team can design your battery pack and battery management system to fit your application. Whether it’s high power output or tight mechanical constraints, we’ve got you covered.

Motor Controllers

Let the Glassboard team leverage our innovative sensored or sensorless FOC algorithms to meet your custom motor controller needs. We have experience designing and testing motor controllers from 12V up to over 400V.

IoT Internet of Things design custom PCB electronics product development hardware

Internet of (Things)

At Glassboard we’re the things people in an ocean filled with internet of. Leverage our experience in connected electronics to get you from buzzword to storefront in record time. We live and breathe wireless connectivity, cutting edge sensor technology, and the latest low power performance.

  • Asset Trackers

    Lots of companies provide generic GPS wireless connected solution these days. At Glassboard we optimize every aspect of the asset tracking product to meet your companies individual needs and budgetary constraints.

    When it comes to wireless connectivity, our agnostic approach lets us choose the best technology option for our clients. We have experience with LoRa, RPMA, LTE Cat-M1, WiFi, and Bluetooth wireless technologies.

    Glassboard makes state-of-the-art asset tracking technology work for you.

  • Connected Sensors

    Whether monitoring machinery on a factory floor or taking soil pH readings in a corn field our team has the skills you need to make your next connected sensor project a success.

    Glassboard’s expertise in battery technology and low power optimization help us get the most out of battery powered connected sensors. This, coupled with our experience designing hardware for use in rugged and hostile environments means you can sleep well knowing your sensor won’t fail out in the field or at the mountain top.

  • Smart Cities

    From security to energy saving technologies, M2M solutions to expanding connectivity and everything in between, Glassboard is able to support developers, municipalities and businesses with the latest connected sensors and data analytics tools.

Not sure what you need?

That’s okay, the Glassboard team has a vast skillset and it’s likely we can put our broad set of skills to work on your project too. Check out our capabilities below.

Early Stage Conceptual Design

Ideation, conceptual drawings, conceptual renderings, conceptual motion study, high level wiring schematic

Electrical Design
Analog And Digital Circuit Design, FPGA & CPLD Design, Micro-Controller Development (TI, SiLabs, Atmel, PIC, Freescale & More), PCB Layout (Multilayer, Single & Double Sided, Flex-rigid), Design For Testing & Manufacturing, Component Selection & Sourcing
Mechanical Design
Enclosures, Packaging, Mechanism Design, Structural Design, Industrial Design, Tooling Design, Powertrain Design, Product Design, Part Design & Design Optimization
Firmware & Software Design

Firmware: Assembly, C, C++
Software: Java, Node.js, Python, CSS, HTML5
Amazon AWS: EC2, IoT, Lambda, API Gateway

Pre-Production Support
Manufacturing Ready 3D Models, Manufacturing Documentation, Contract Manufacturer & Supplier Sourcing, Initial Production Run Support and Inspection, Design for Manufacturing Adjustments, Test Planning, Test Fixture Development
System Integration
Electronic and Mechanical Integration, Electromechanical Systems, Human Machine Interface Design (Displays, Switches, Buttons), Wiring Harness Design
Fabrication, Casting, 3D Printing, Machining, Water / Laser Jet, Prototype Assembly, Automated PCB Fabrication & Assembly, Manual PCB Assembly, Cable Harness Assembly
Digital Validation
Static and Dynamic Stress Based Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Drop Tests, Static and Dynamic Thermal Finite Element Analysis, Composite and Non-linear Materials FEA, Computational Fluid Dynamics; Electronics and Cooling Validation
Flow Study Validation

Steady State And Dynamic Flow Studies (Pressure, Velocity and Flow Rate for Liquids and Gases)
Physical Prototype Validation

Other Validation

Design and Facilitate off-site Accelerated Life Cycle Testing (Shake, Vibration, Temperature And Pressure)
Tolerance Stack Up Study, Usability Testing

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