Are you ready to take your concept to the next level?

Glassboard provides product development services that amaze.

Our team of experts is ready to act as an outsourced solution for your organization.

Whether you need a complete product design, help with a particular component of your design, or just validation of your existing designs Glassboard is here to help.

Our team has experience interfacing with existing design teams on projects both large and small. Utilizing Glassboard to fill competency gaps or short term bandwidth shortages can be an economical solution for companies in need. Our previous clients have leveraged us in the following ways:

  • Simulation Services (Electrical, Thermal, Mechanical, CFD)
  • Visualization Services
  • Electronics Design
  • Firmware & Software Development
  • Mechanical Design
  • Conceptual Animations
  • Battery Implementation
  • Feasibility Research
  • Manufacturing Documentation
  • Manufacturing Optimization

Meet Our Team Of Product Development Experts

When Glassboard integrates within your product development team you will feel confident that our versatile skill set is the perfect addition to push your product to market.

Meet The Glassboard Team

Glassboard has the experience you need to get the job done.


Our team has a combined 50 years of product development experience.


Our team has developed 100 products and counting.


We work with more than 25 industry partners across the nation.

Together, we can make your next project a success.

Are you ready to work with an experienced product development team?

We can’t wait to serve as a complete, outsourced product development solution.

We’re excited to help your team bring your products to life. Whether you just need a single simulation or are looking for help building a design team for a new product, Glassboard is ready to work with you. Connect with us to schedule a consultation, we can’t wait to talk!

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