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Meet The Team

The team at Glassboard started as a diverse group of minds that came together through strategic business partnerships. These partnerships evolved, ultimately leading the group to form their own company, Glassboard. Since Glassboard was founded, we’ve helped many clients develop products, connect with patent attorneys and venture capitalists, test their products, and take their products to market.

Each member of our small, elite team brings a great deal to the table. When you work with Glassboard, you will see that our team relies on critical thinking, creative innovation, and in-depth analysis to help our clients build the best products possible.

Randy Parmerlee | Chief Executive Officer

Randy Parmerlee is an expert at board level design including single to multi-layer PCB layout with emphases on power efficient and size constrained designs.  Whether it’s analog or digital design knowledge or program management, he’s been a part of all aspects.  He has delivered custom designed solutions for companies such as Recovery Force LLC, DoubleMap, Precise Path Robotics, and Horner APG.

At Glassboard Randy uses his in-depth knowledge in electronics design and integration to provide our clients with hardware that has been designed to exceed their expectations in performance and quality.

Software Engineer Indianapolis

Drew Westrick VP of Technology

Drew Westrick is a skilled software engineer with vast knowledge of electrical hardware design, firmware development, and power electronics. When he is not using these skills at Glassboard, he enjoys applying them to build land speed record electric motorcycles. He has developed products and electrical systems for Indy Power Systems, EVC Racing, Spīr Bikes, East Penn Manufacturing, Fiat Chrysler America, and many other small and large firms alike.

At Glassboard Drew uses his specialty in software engineering to design the electronics and firmware for our clients to turn their electrical dreams from napkin sketches to tangible prototypes.

Systems Engineer Indianapolis

Grant Chapman VP of Operations

Grant Chapman is a driven systems engineer and program manager. With skill sets in both the electrical and mechanical engineering disciplines his areas of focus are mechanical design, FEA simulations, electronics design and validation, battery integration, battery characterization and modeling, and systems integration. He has had the opportunity to provide solutions for Indy Power Systems, EVC Racing, Spīr Bikes, East Penn Manufacturing, and Xalt Energy.

At Glassboard Grant uses his broad skills within and outside of engineering to ensure our clients’ projects are a success from precise design to exacting planning and execution.

Product Development Indianapolis

Wade Cunningham | Programs Manager

Wade Cunningham is an experienced and diligent program manager. As a former IndyCar Series and Indianapolis 500 competitor, he has used his knowledge and passion for motor racing to transition into automotive and motorsports safety. His decades in motor racing honed his skills in team and program management. His technical focus has been in thermoplastics, composites, and advanced manufacturing. Wade has worked with companies such as Infant Armour, Spīr Bikes, and Alan Lewis Consulting.

At Glassboard Wade uses his laser focus to ensure that our clients’ products make it to market on time while performing as they dreamed the products would when first conceived.

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