Glassboard’s Process

Let's look at the process from start to finish.


Bring us your great idea

When you come to us to share your idea, there will be a lot of planning to do. Don’t worry… the team at Glassboard will walk you through the entire process, from conceptual product design to product manufacturing, we have the expertise and manpower to bring your idea to life.


We undertake your technical feasibility

Discovery is an essential step in verifying that there is a viable product development opportunity from the idea, market potential, and determining the affordability and potential ROI. It is imperative to understand any challenges early in the development process prior to significant investment of resources.


We outline the scope, usability, and functional requirements

Glassboard’s Product Development Team will help you define the goals of your product and the functional requirements needed to achieve those outcomes. This will provide a clear roadmap to deliver a product that exceeds your expectations. We will then develop a plan to merge your idea with state of the art technology to bring your product to life.


We create conceptual renderings, produce electrical and mechanical files and then produce the necessary software

Utilizing state of the art technology like Solidworks and many others the Glassboard Electrical Engineers and Mechanical Engineers build out the components needed to support your idea. Our in-house Software Engineers bring a wide range of embedded software design capabilities to the table to facilitate the development of any needed firmware.


This is when the fun starts

Prototyping allows you to see and hold a functional version of your product early in the product design process. Glassboard will work with the plan outlined in the Define and Design stages coupled with our extensive technical skills and tools to bring your idea into the world as fast as possible. Prototyping ranges from fabrication and casting to 3D printing, machining, water/laser jet, assembly, cable harness assembly, or automated & manual PCB fabrication.
These prototypes not only allow you to see your product come to life but allow you to generate buzz about your new product, share your progress with peers and industry experts and provide feedback to your product design team for final adjustments prior to beginning production.


Our prototypes are subjected to fit and finish testing, functionality and stability validation

Glassboard utilizes a multitude of testing and validation methods and tools to ensure that your product performs as expected and can withstand necessary environmental factors. Leveraging digital validation; static and dynamic stress based finite element analysis (FEA) Glassboard is able to identify and solve potential structural or performance issues in a virtual environment. Our team also leverages drop tests, thermal finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics and cooling validation to ensure the success and performance of your product.


We find, introduce and manage your contract manufacturing

Once the design has been validated through testing of the initial prototypes, we will release a final product design. In this release you will get a production intent device so you will know what your product will look and feel like once it goes to production. You will be provided with all of the manufacturing documentation needed, including manufacturing prints, bill of materials, source code, and assembly instructions.
With these tools in hand you are ready to begin production of your product. Glassboard has an extensive network of contract manufacturers and other partners that we’ve used to successfully produce products for our clients. Our team is highly experienced in transitioning from design to manufacturing. The Glassboard Team will be there to help you move your product to production, whether that is connecting you with the right partner, or helping you choose the best process to fit your needs.
Before you know it, you will be taking your product to market. We will have already vetted your concept to ensure that your product can be as successful as possible. If you need help promoting your product, we can also help connect you with the right people to push your idea further than you ever imagined possible.