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Are you ready to take your concept to the next level?

You have an idea. Now you want to take it to the next level.

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You’ve explored the concept, and now you are ready to take the next steps… but how?

Glassboard makes it easy to turn your idea into a working prototype, which will then become a marketable product.

Turning your idea into a reality isn’t as far away as it seems. When you get the right team of experts on board, you’ll be amazed as we work together to bring your idea to life. At Glassboard, we help our clients with the following services:

  • Product Design & Development
  • Prototyping & Prototype Testing
  • Production Planning & Support

As soon as we are done working through these steps, your product will be ready for market!

Why you need a team to help you get there.


hats will be worn by you as an entrepreneur including administration, management, social, marketing, and tech to launch successfully.



months is the average time saved in product development working with agile teams.

Business Daily


percent of market leaders were first to market. Speed is critical to success.

Washington Post

You need a multidisciplinary, highly-professional team that can efficiently move your idea from concept to product.

When you have a great idea, you’ll want a team you can trust working alongside you to make your idea a reality. Glassboard will work with you to design your product, make it functional, and protect your concept along the way. Before you know it, your idea will be more than just some doodles on a napkin.

Product Development Services

Step #1: Are You Ready For Product Development?

Get The Free Glassboard Product Development Questionnaire 

It all starts with our free questionnaire . You’ll want to download the questionnaire to prepare you for a consultation with our team. Having this information handy is the first step to making sure we have a clear picture of your product and goals.

Once you fill out the questionnaire , you’ve already taken an important step in the process of turning your idea into a marketable product. We can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with!

Ready to begin?

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Step #2: Get On The Calendar

Now that you’ve worked through the questionnaire, are you ready to talk?

Once you feel confident that your idea is ready for discussion, let’s sit down and talk. We will go over your concept, talk about the strong and weak points of your idea, explore our options, and examine our opportunities. Don’t worry – we will make sure your idea stays safe!

Once we’ve explored your idea, we will create a game plan to design your idea, create a prototype, test the product, and send it off to market. Our elite, experienced team has all the tools you need in-house, so you will be able to begin your journey with confidence. Our team can’t wait to sit down and talk with you.

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