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At GlassBoard, we look at every project that we accept as special and unique.

Glassboard Product Development serves several types of clients.  Let’s start with who you are…


You have the idea of a lifetime. You’ve thought it through, and you couldn’t be more excited about your concept… but unfortunately, a concept is all you have. Your idea right now is only in your head, and you need just the right team to breathe life into it and bridge the gap between dream and reality.

Invent With Us


Your organization is looking for just the right outsourced solution. You may or may not have worked with other partners in the past. What you need now is a competent, experienced, reliable team that can execute efficiently. Meet the team at Glassboard.

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Indianapolis Product Development Partnerships


At Glassboard, we have a number of clients who need to make connections with investors and lawyers. Are you searching for a place to offer your support and partnership?

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